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The Sun enters Gemini and The Moon leaves Leo today and as these two powerful planets move in such opposite directions, we two will be on two opposite sides. Some of us are going to be great at making decisions today and others will notice, while for others the smallest decisions will seem impossible to fathom. We should all try to understand each other and appreciate our struggles and points of view and work together when we can.

aries zodiac sign Aries Horoscope

Take time today to plan and organise and prepare yourself, so youre ready to act when you need to.

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taurus zodiac sign Taurus Horoscope

See patterns that are emerging in your finances today, Taurus, and make some important changes.

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gemini zodiac sign Gemini Horoscope

As The Sun enters your house today you are pushed to start making your dreams a reality.

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cancer zodiac sign Cancer Horoscope

Take advantage of the chance to impress someone with your fast answers today, it could change your life.

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leo zodiac sign Leo Horoscope

As The Moon leaves your house today you should encourage someone to share their problems with you.

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virgo zodiac sign Virgo Horoscope

It may mean saying no to someone today in order to get work done, but make plans for another time.

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libra zodiac sign Libra Horoscope

When you have the ability to look backwards and forwards today, youll have the power of decision making.

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scorpio zodiac sign Scorpio Horoscope

Youll be relieved that a situation is at and end in your life today and you can start to move forward.

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sagittarius zodiac sign Sagittarius Horoscope

If others dont get where you are coming from today, stay calm and explain carefully, dont react.

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capricorn zodiac sign Capricorn Horoscope

Follow your feelings, thoughts, urges and impulses today as they are leading to interesting places.

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aquarius zodiac sign Aquarius Horoscope

Readdress the balance in your life today, or your physical health could start to suffer.

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pisces zodiac sign Pisces Horoscope

Youll continue to have low creative energy today, so stick to doing things you know well.

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