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The Moon enters Capricorn today on this otherwise quiet day astrologically. Some of us will need to wait till we have more information before we make decisions or take any action. We should avoid gossip or hearsay and rely on facts only. Many of us are looking forward with great momentum and even if our plans are disrupted we can still find ways to keep going. There are new options and opportunities opening up, but we need to think carefuly before going ahead.

aries zodiac sign Aries Horoscope

Its a good day for settling work issues and focusing on your personal life, where you need to be honest.

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taurus zodiac sign Taurus Horoscope

With so many options today you should see your life as an adventure and be playful.

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gemini zodiac sign Gemini Horoscope

Dont get annoyed when your plans are changed last minute today, this will be to your advantage.

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cancer zodiac sign Cancer Horoscope

Ignore those who try to bring you down today and keep going forward with your high energy.

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leo zodiac sign Leo Horoscope

Your usual great communication skills are boosted even more today, giving you top conversations skills.

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virgo zodiac sign Virgo Horoscope

Its a great day for love and romance and there will be opportunities for love for everyone today.

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libra zodiac sign Libra Horoscope

When you feel like history is repeating itself today, stop and think before you react, it may not be.

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scorpio zodiac sign Scorpio Horoscope

You dont yet have all the information about a situation at work, so dont make any decisions today.

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sagittarius zodiac sign Sagittarius Horoscope

If you feel trapped in a role others created for you today, its not too late to change this.

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capricorn zodiac sign Capricorn Horoscope

As the Moon enters your house today it will tone down your emotions so you can see clearly.

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aquarius zodiac sign Aquarius Horoscope

Its time to move forward today and to view the past with distance and to put it in its place.

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pisces zodiac sign Pisces Horoscope

Your dreams from last night hold the answer to what someone is feelings about you.

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